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Janja Videc: Witches Lookbook | OSM films – video production

A behind the scenes promotional video of Janja Videc's Witches Lookbook collection.

Promocijski video izza kulisja fotografiranja nove kolekcije slovenske oblikovalke Janje Videc z naslovom Witches Lookbook.

Janja Videc: Witches Lookbook

Directed by: Tina Lagler & Blaž Miklič
Screenplay: Tina Lagler & Blaž Miklič
Camera: Tina Lagler & Blaž Miklič
Editor: Tina Lagler
Colorist: Blaž Miklič
Production: OSM films
Music: New Wave Syria – Glow // 
Designer: Janja Videc
Photographer: Karim Shalaby
Model: Maša Erčulj
Make-up: Ema Bavcon

This is a Non-Commercial, independently produced project.

A behind the scenes promo video of Janja Videc's Witches Lookbook collection.

"The upcoming collection has a special meaning for me, because through the phase of building a concept, a brand new world opened in front of me! I learned a lot about female archetypes and I had the opportunity to meet this extraordinary women. Women, with amazing magnetic energy, who radiate their inner peace, and who dazzle you in an instance!" (Janja Videc; janjavidec.com)